SUN CONTROL INTERNATIONAL INC. is one of the biggest producer for solar window film in States.

We can supply great varieties of color shades for use in cars and buildings.

Our films are produced in States which we can rewind into all lengths required by individual customers. When the quantity we produce is really big, our cost has been lower than others. We are confident that we have the  ability to supply materials which is having higher value than you paid.

We have been in the solar film business for more than 35years.
Our quality has been highly rated by our customers all over the world.
The solar window films we supply are:

Dyed film
Dyed film + Reflective (2 ply) or,
Dyed film + Reflective + Dyed film(3 ply)

All of them are other than the coating film which only added the color in adhesive.

We supply premium grade, high performance film with minimum 5 years of warranty.

Customers can benefit greatly from our quick & efficient responses on any of your inquiries.

Qualified by
Energy Star
American Institute of Architects
Skin Cancer Foundation
U.S. Green Building Council
National Fenestration Rating Council
The International Green Energy Council
The Glass and Glazing Federation